No Needle Acupuncture

What is No Needle Acupuncture?

Although no needles are inserted in the body, the effects of no needle acupuncture are the same as in regular acupuncture in that a flow of energy moves through the points, meridians or channels to balance, harmonize and promote wellness.

A KWD-8081 Multi-purpose device can be used as a substitute for acupuncture and/or hand massage. It can regulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation in general, eliminate pain and spasm and strengthen the body’s resistance to disease. It can also help in treating chronic arthritis, strain, stiff neck, lumbago, headaches, toothache, impotence, insomnia, shoulder pain, numbness of extremities, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, intercostals neuralgia, tiredness of eyes and general fatigue. It can even be used for facial cosmetic purposes, weight reduction, etc.

This special electromagnetic therapeutic device and the points health care apparatus are new types of medical and health care applications that function through the use of specially selected electromagnetic waves and pulses which generate biological effects that are beneficial to the human body. This method is safe and painless and the results are rapid and effective.