My Biography

My mother and my grandmother were both medical doctors. Having been raised in a medical doctor family, I became interested in all aspects of the medical fields from a very young age. My goal in life was and is to become a good medical doctor.

I started learning about acupuncture and herbal medicines as a teenager. I practiced different techniques on my family as well as on my own body. The countryside served as my experimental herbal pharmacy.

I enrolled in medical school and studied for eight years. I obtained degrees in Western medicine (Qing Hai Medical College) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Bei Jing TCM University). After graduation, I worked as a general practitioner in the hospital for 7 years before specializing in gynecology.

In 2003, I immigrated to Canada. While attending Mohawk College to improve my English, I operated a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in Hamilton for 2 years before moving my practice to Toronto.